Thursday, December 1, 2011

Moving Forward

I am so grateful to everyone who supported me last year financially and by lifting me up in prayer. It is an incredibly humbling experience to know that you are being carried and supported by your community. I am praying that my year of service was just the beginning of a lifetime of change. I want to thank you and update you on what I am up to now.

I want to update everyone on what I am up to now. I really felt like I should remain in Hollywood after my YAV year ended. Last year God began a work in me by showing me what community can and should be… and I think/hope that I am beginning to catch on.

Last year I adopted a simpler, community focused lifestyle. I shared my home, my meager budget and my life with six strangers and my neighborhood. This year I am blessed to be living with a good friend from home in my old neighborhood. I still occasionally serve at the community house and often have the girls from the neighborhood over for Bible Studies and cooking. I am excited to begin having neighbors over for meals and fellowship… just as soon as we can afford to purchase furniture J

I chose to remain in Hollywood without a real plan for employment. I felt this abstract call to help people connect to their local community without clearly understanding what that meant or how that could pay my bills. I found a job working at a gourmet sandwich shop to pay rent while I continued to pray and seek out what I was being called to do.

I was blessed when I received a phone call from a local homeless agency asking me to send my resume for a winter shelter collaboration in Hollywood. Four local churches in Hollywood have decided to partner together with local homeless agencies and the LAPD to provide shelter to 40 of the most vulnerable members of our Hollywood community experiencing homelessness selected through the Hollywood Homeless Vulnerability Index and our Hollywood Street Outreach Team. They asked me to be the coordinator for this project.

I could not believe that I was being entrusted with such an incredible project and blessing. I really did/do not feel equipped, yet I realize with humility that I am not. I am only equipped because I have God working through me to make this collaboration happen. I am so excited for this partnership of local churches coming together to care for the physical needs of our brothers and sisters sleeping on the streets. I am praying that this partnership will lead to raised awareness on the issues related to homelessness and that it will help congregants to better participate in their communities by loving on and truly seeing our brothers and sisters on the streets. Please help me in praying for this incredible project. The shelter will open on January 8th and run through March 3rd.

Life in Hollywood is certainly an adventure and my faith life often feels like a roller coaster. I am simply working to focus on the greatest commandment, “Love God – Love People”

I miss seeing you all and hearing from you. Please e-mail me at or call me!