Monday, September 5, 2011

Home... and back again

Three weeks ago I finished my YAV year and came home to Pittsburgh. I have had a wonderful time at home seeing family and friends and absorbing the beauty of Western PA.

Unfortunately time is moving by so quickly and I find myself sitting on the front porch, listening to the rain, and thinking about my future. My bags are packed and tomorrow's plane ticket is sitting on my dresser upstairs.

Am I crazy for going back? I seem to alternate between a state of calm reassurance that everything will come together and complete and utter terror that I will be unable to find a job.

As it stands, I am moving back to Hollywood CA tomorrow. First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood has graciously offered to help me with housing for the next two months as I search for a job. I have ideas for what may be in my future, but nothing solid. I love working with people and helping them to become connected to their neighborhood. I'm not entirely sure if this passion correlates with a job that pays rent in Big Bad LA, but only time will tell.

Until then, I will pray. I will seek a job serving in my community and pray about other job opportunities. I will pray if LA is the city where I will be staying for the next few years. Finally, I will continue to invest in my community. I am excited to continue building the relationships that I began to form in my neighborhood last year. I am excited to delve into learning how to grow a winter garden. I am ecstatic to meet with the high school girls and help the seniors with their college application process and post-high school plans. I can't wait to see what gets added by the guys to the graffiti mural wall at the community house. I am thankful and feel blessed by this opportunity to return to Hollywood.

I don't know the entirety of God's plan for my future but I know that I have a charge to be present in my community as I strive to love God and to love my neighbor. More will be revealed with time.

Lord, Thank you for family and friends, green trees and rolling hills, rivers and rain. Help me to keep my calm as my future is revealed to me.